Hotel Olympia   

HO is an elegant boutique hotel in the centre of Thessaloniki. Clean lines, natural and dynamic materials such as wood and granite, earthy colours, design furniture and impressive objects are all combined to create a picture of frugal elegance. This environment along with an excellent service, make HO the suitable destination for the modern urban guest, the leisure or business traveler.

Wheelchair user friendly. On the first floor of HO lies a room specially designed and equipped to meet the needs of individuals with decreased mobility. Its large size of 28 square meters and the arrangement of the furniture, along with the handy bents on the floor, the placement of the handles in the WC and the height of the orthopedic beds, all create a functional and comfortable environment that embodies the high standards of HO’s hospitality. 1) There is limited open parking places in front of the Hotel, which is free of charge. Unfortunately, it can not be held any position, because we tried to do in the past for people with disabilities, unsuccessfully. 2) The hotel entrance is accessible by ramp and elevator spacious (They have already served, no problem, our disabled customers) 3) Our restaurant is accessible for people with disabilities 4) Disabled unique room located on the 1st floor spacious with adequate bathroom, specially designed for people with disabilities. 5) There is toilet for people with disabilities, on the 1st floor.

>Direct telephone line >Satellite LED TV >Free Wi-Fi >Safety box >Hairdryer >Laundry service >Fridge >Central A/C >Brand amenities
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